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Test Services

Precise Connections offers a variety of testing and trouble-shooting services to help ensure the quality of work that goes into your products. We believe that every manufactured product should be put through the most specific and rigorous testing processes. Our engineers are experts in developing and executing processes that meet both development schedules and economies of scale. We can either help design test procedures for your product, or implement your custom procedures in our facility. We provide in-circuit testing on multiple formats and can adapt quality reporting based on your requirements, providing flexibility and peace of mind.


In-Circuit Testing

Higher volume production assemblies may require Precise's efficient and cost effective in-circuit testing. Products designed with test in mind provide for easier test development and significantly higher test coverage. Test reporting also provides essential feedback to manufacturing, enabling process improvements and higher final product quality.

Functional Fixtures

Functional fixtures are the instrument of choice for low to medium volume products. Our engineers and technicians work closely with customers to develop test fixtures that can simulate device operating environments and provide 100% functionality verification. Functional testing goes beyond simple verification of components to ensure that your product will work in the field, where it counts most.

To learn more about our capabilities and processes, please contact us.