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Cable Assembly

If you have boards in your products, chances are that you have some cables in your products connecting to those boards, making cable assembly services the next logical step in better serving our customers' needs.

cablesWe have automated cable and wire processing equipment to increase our ability to produce cables and wire harnesses more efficiently. Our cut and strip equipment accurately processes wires and cables with cross-sections up to AWG 4 and diameters up to 0.49". Meanwhile, our bench top crimping equipment easily handles wire sizes up to 10 AWG and is capable of crimping side- and rear-feed terminals. Our programmable stripping equipment also strips wires ranging in size from 32 - 10 AWG and jacketed cables up to 0.22" in diameter. Utilizing Cayman software, wires and cables can be programmed offline while the machine is in production, thereby maximizing machine uptime. Cayman not only simplifies the programming of cables and wire lists, but also enables full control over the entire production process.